Friday, 22 April 2011

A Jacques of all trades

We left Paris refreshed but with one thing on our minds - finding a welder and getting our bracket fixed. As we headed for the outskirts and the industrial zone, Will brushed up on his French mechanic speak (weld=souder). Whilst following a satnav diversion in the industrial suburbs, we happened upon a garage and were directed to a likelier prospect, where the young garage owner was happy to make some repairs at 10 minutes notice. Some pigeon French and a collaborative effort later, a strong but not particularly elegant repair was made (he wasn't the world's best welder). We were duly stung for 120 euros (twice as much as it cost to have the entire bracket made in the first place) but after further bodging with rubber door stops and adhesive and the box is (we hope) safe and sound for the rest of the trip, though still sagging and looking a bit pikey.

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