Friday, 22 April 2011

Onward to Paris

After a second night spent in ..... parked up opposite an equestrian centre, which Frankie loved (and Will, with his allergy to horses, not so much) we set off for Paris. All was going swimmingly until we stopped off for provisions at a supermarket on the outskirts. We returned to the van, and whipped up a quick and tasty lunch. By the time we'd finished, the supermarket was closed and the car park deserted. Will shifted The MBB into reverse and, to the strains of 'On the Road Again' by Willie Nelson, overenthusiastically backed, at some speed, into a lone lamp post in the middle of the carpark. Bosh! He got out to check the damage and returned head in hands. His pride and joy, our beautiful aluminium storage box, had taken the impact and the bracket supporting it had bent. The lamp post was, if anything, slightly worse off. 10km from central Paris on a Sunday afternoon and we needed a welder..

We decided to chance the rest of the drive, anxiously checking the rearview mirror after every pothole, and forget about the box, welding etc.. for the duration of our stay in Paris. We had arranged to stay in an apartment in the Bastille area for the week, so we said ta ta for now to the MBB and headed for the luxury of power showers and separate rooms.

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