Friday, 22 April 2011

A week in Paris

 Our week in Paris coincided with a proper heatwave - 25 degrees and upwards most days. My previous trips to Paris have mainly consisted of museums and galleries during the day, and restaurants and bars at night. This trip was to be different. We only made it to one gallery, the Musee D'Orsay, and only for an hour before Frankie woke up and started protesting loudly.

Our days were mainly spent walking and eating and sitting under trees in the park. Paris is not an ideal city to visit with a one-year old - managing the metro with a pushchair is challenging (most Parisians seem to use baby slings instead), and the lift to our apartment on the 6th floor was too small to fit the pushcahir in, so we had to leave and return to the flat in two stages.

But despite the difficulties, we had a great time, enjoying lunchtime plat du jour most days, where Frankie made friends with all the waiters, walking the streets of Bastille, the Latin Quarter and St Germain, finding plenty of little neighbourhood playgrounds for Frankie, watching the street artists at Montmatre, and stumbling across the Paris marathon on our last day.

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